Beyond Halcyon

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Hey guys, making a post here to inform everyone that after about 2 years of development I’ve finally launched my new webcomic, “Beyond Halcyon.”

I’ve teased the project before, when it was in a completely different format.  I’ve gone back to the drawing board a few times and changed up the style to settle on where it’s at now.

Beyond Halcyon is a science-fiction/fantasy hybrid story set in the far future of the earth.  Thousands of years after a forgotten cataclysm, young gun-for-hire Katarin’s transport convoy is waylaid by bandits in the middle of the Coral Desert, a dangerous and solitary place on the fringes of society.  Her fight for survival may uncover secrets that some might prefer remain unknown.

Beyond Halcyon updates Mondays and Thursdays.

You can view the comic in 2 places:

Official Site (Recommended)

I recommend the official site for the standard user and Tumblr for those that already have accounts on the service.