Sketch Dump: March 2015

When I first started this blog, I was a bit reluctant to post sketches or other in-progress pieces, preferring to only show off finalized work.  But there’s such a large volume of stuff that never sees the light of day, in the form of concepts and whatnot, that only showing completed things makes my output look tiny.

So here’s March’s art dump.

Aysun Birthday

Birthday sketch for a friend featuring their FFXIV character


My new webcomic project has started to gain a small amount of traction. I broke out my brush pens to make this to thank readers for 20 consecutive days of 10+ readers

In addition to my new webcomic, I’ve also been working on designs and writing for a new project that I intend to pitch to a publisher.  These next few are some character designs I’ve been tossing around.


Rivals Gym. Do you even lift, Brah?


Never Knows Best



viva l’Italia

These last two are from the same projects, proof-of-concepts and early ideas in a more fleshed-out form than you’d see in my notebooks.


Floating Crystal Island Temple


Initial character design concepts