Evangelion: Hand Series

Hideaki Anno, creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, describes the show as “A series that repeats itself”.  With the well-known motif of the hands in the series, I decided to do my own take on the imagery.

Asuka’s “I’ll Kill You” was the one that I had the idea for first. I was watching End of Evangelion and the scene where she is devoured after her act of defiance has always hit me really hard.  I wanted to try and capture that rage and desperation in an image.  The entire series is filled with ruminations on the human existence, depicting characters that can barely keep themselves together as they cope with impossible situations.  I tried to pick all the quotes for maximum impact.

Unit 01

Unit 01 – “I Mustn’t Run Away”

Unit 00

Unit 00 – “I Am Not A Doll”

Unit 02

Unit 02 – “I’ll Kill You”


Rei – “Who Is There Before Me?”


Asuka – “I Don’t Want To Die”


Gendo – “I Have A Use For You”


Lilith – “I Understand Now”