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Beyond Halcyon

Hey guys, making a post here to inform everyone that after about 2 years of development I’ve finally launched my new webcomic, “Beyond Halcyon.” I’ve teased the project before, when it was in… Continue reading

Akira Project: Completed

As many of you may know, over a year ago I got involved with CineGround, a Canadian based production company that was looking to make a fan trailer based off of Akira, which… Continue reading

Double Reels

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so quiet out here; it’s been pretty busy.  I had another business trip a bit ago, and things have just been super hectic around here in general. I’ve… Continue reading

Chicago Film Critics Association “Emerging Filmmakers Award”

I haven’t had a lot to say lately; I’ve been incredibly busy with work and projects in varying stages of completion, but I thought I’d pop on here to mention that “Pearls” was… Continue reading

Buy My Stuff

  Yup, you can now OWN Pearls, as opposed to just hearing me talk about it all the time. A nice, high-quality Bluray or DVD that can get stacked all up in there… Continue reading


  About a year ago now I started working on the “Ratfist” flash game, based on the Doug TenNapel comic strip of the same name.  As an artist, he’d been largely off my… Continue reading


It is now official, “Pearls” is done.  There have been a number of outstanding tasks for me in regards to it’s 100% completion, in terms of authoring the DVD menus, organizing files, and… Continue reading

Secret Game Project: REVEALED!!!

So, the top secret We Did It Games! project that I was working on all summer and part of the fall was finally released yesterday. You can play it here: The game is… Continue reading

Getting Back In Touch

Hello Blogonet (or other ironic combinations of web-related terminology).  It’s been a ridiculously crazy two weeks since last we spoke, so let me attempt to fill you in. The New Job (caps) is… Continue reading

East Coastin’

I’ve been saving all of my news for when I was done with my draw challenges.  I wanted more focus to be on the artwork than on my talking, and while I did… Continue reading