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Sampler Platter

I know I haven’t really been posting a lot.  Most all of my free time has been spent working on Beyond Halcyon,  my webcomic, and working on pitches for various graphic novels to… Continue reading

Sketch Dump: March 2015

When I first started this blog, I was a bit reluctant to post sketches or other in-progress pieces, preferring to only show off finalized work.  But there’s such a large volume of stuff… Continue reading

Beyond Halcyon

Hey guys, making a post here to inform everyone that after about 2 years of development I’ve finally launched my new webcomic, “Beyond Halcyon.” I’ve teased the project before, when it was in… Continue reading

Akira Project: Completed

As many of you may know, over a year ago I got involved with CineGround, a Canadian based production company that was looking to make a fan trailer based off of Akira, which… Continue reading

Double Reels

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so quiet out here; it’s been pretty busy.  I had another business trip a bit ago, and things have just been super hectic around here in general. I’ve… Continue reading

Happier Times: A Final Fantasy Tale

Since about November, I’ve been working on a comic series set in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, an online game published by Square Enix.  I spent about a week writing it, then… Continue reading

Buy My Stuff

  Yup, you can now OWN Pearls, as opposed to just hearing me talk about it all the time. A nice, high-quality Bluray or DVD that can get stacked all up in there… Continue reading


Hey, look what I’ve got. Yes indeed, that is the “Pearls” special edition DVD, all mastered and printed on a high-gloss disc and ready to get stuffed into an envelope and mailed out.… Continue reading

Pearls Online

It’s been a long time coming, but Pearls is now permanently available to watch on Vimeo.  There’s also a new Nav Bar link for “video” that will take you to a fixed page… Continue reading


  About a year ago now I started working on the “Ratfist” flash game, based on the Doug TenNapel comic strip of the same name.  As an artist, he’d been largely off my… Continue reading