A friend of mine who goes by the handle “Crawa” is a fan of Akira, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a bit of a mashup of her with the iconic… Continue reading

Arcade Cabinet

About a year and a half ago my office acquired a MAME arcade cabinet through a friend.  We’ve since rebuilt almost the entire machine from scratch with new video cards and hard drives… Continue reading

Double Reels

Hey everyone, sorry it’s been so quiet out here; it’s been pretty busy.  I had another business trip a bit ago, and things have just been super hectic around here in general. I’ve… Continue reading

Business Trip Scribblins

I’ve been on a business trip to Texas for the past two weeks.  There’s been lots of work and late nights, and very little time left over for drawing.  Every now and then… Continue reading

Commission #5: Tavern

This piece was very long in coming to fruition.  Trying to wrangle 3 peoples’ ideas together to make something is way harder than one-on-one.  It was fun to do more fire-related effects and… Continue reading

Commission #3 – Dungeons & Dragons

I was commissioned almost a month ago now for an illustration for a friend’s Dungeons and Dragons group, depicting their Big Bad, his main henchwoman, and their demon slave.  This was a really… Continue reading

Commission #4 – Beach

I can hear it now: “But what about commission number THREE?” you ask with that whiny, nasally voice you have.  “You MISSED one!” To that, dear reader, I say “humbug!”  Order and structure… Continue reading

Commission #2 – Crossover Ninja

I picked up another commission around the time that I started the last one; some people saw the WIP on it and decided they wanted one as well. This one is a crossover;… Continue reading


I’ve recently opened myself up for commissions, and right away I managed to pick up some business. Some people in a Final Fantasy XIV roleplaying guild saw the work I did on the… Continue reading


I made my first piece of animation in almost a year the other day. It was a simple exercise to wean myself back into it, since I hadn’t done it in so long… Continue reading