Modern Art

Let it be known here and now that I dislike a good majority of modern art.  Somewhere down the road art got so conceptual, pretentious, and high-minded that it became so stuffed with… Continue reading


Dagrons are like dragons.  Only stupid. This started out as a very simple 10 second doodle that I decide to refine and illustrate.  I miss drawing cute things.


Sometimes you just have to stop caring and let loose.  That’s how this happened. I understand where Big Boss came from.  I’ve been playing a lot of Metal Gear lately.  Batman… I have… Continue reading


This is one of those awkward posts where even as I upload the image, I already know I don’t like it. I wanted to update the main cast from my comic book into… Continue reading

It’s Like A Series Or Something…

The series of redraws continues with probably one of my favorite characters, re-envisioned as the sloppy mess I always thought of him as.  Should the series ever get redrawn, he’s the only character… Continue reading


I get my second-best ideas while brushing my teeth.  I get my third best ideas while being bored, and I get my very best ideas in meetings where I can’t write them down.… Continue reading


There was this graphic novel I was working on for a long time.  Years.  I started coming up with the original story in the summer between eighth grade and my freshman year of… Continue reading


A lot of times I sit down to draw without any clear idea of what I’m going to be doing.  Usually this tends to end up as me practicing anatomy or facial structures… Continue reading


Ah.  Yes.  It’s been a while.  Uhm… art?  Yes.  Art. I did an illustration today.  I was inspired by a conversation.  Like most conversations I partake in, they tend to veer wildly into… Continue reading

Amazing Things

I just got back from two weeks of gallivanting across the United States.  I spent some time in Chicago, some time with the family for the holidays, and then a few extra days… Continue reading