I’m heading out for vacation soon.  I’ve done a few illustrations that I plan on posting periodically over the holidays to keep the juices flowing. First doodle is a Totoro.  Slightly confused. Advertisements

“The Pit” Finished

Hey all.  Managed to finish the illustration that I posted last week quicker than I thought.  That’s what happens when you stop playing video games and focus on art for a bit.  Who… Continue reading

Work In Progress

Hello everyone, it’s been a while, although its still sooner than I was originally predicting to be back.  I’ve been incredibly busy preparing for the upcoming holiday season; lots of things to take… Continue reading


I like my job.  Takes me cool places.  However I’m going to be focusing on working, and I might not have a chance to make art for a while.  I managed to squidge… Continue reading

Memory Lane

Back in the day, when I was regular contributing to the internet phenomenon known as “webcomics”, I created a character called “Kanto Keith”.  This Keith proved to be slightly successful, as far as… Continue reading

Secret Game Project: REVEALED!!!

So, the top secret We Did It Games! project that I was working on all summer and part of the fall was finally released yesterday. You can play it here: The game is… Continue reading

Super Fighting Blog

In my genius, on Friday I left the flash drive with most of my art on it in New York City.  It’s fine, it’s in a safe place, I just have to go… Continue reading

Side Quest: Hard-Boiled

A friend recently introduced me to the web comic “Sfeer Theory“, and even though it is still in its infancy, it is quite wondrous to behold, both from an art and writing standpoint.… Continue reading

Side Quest: Outer Space

There won’t be any Akira-related postings for a while.  In the interest of not over-saturating the internet with postings that are essentially all the same thing.  If some cool news related to it… Continue reading

Akira: First Glimpse

I’ve been touting this Akira project for months now.  The whole point of this thing is that it’s supposed to be animated, right?  Well, this morning I finished the first motion that will… Continue reading