Bonus Feature Preview

Hello world.  It’s been a while since I posted any video content, so I thought that today I would make sure to get on that.  It’s not animation, but it’s still an interesting… Continue reading

Backgrounds Nearing Completion

I finished two more backgrounds yesterday.  There is only one left to go on the Akira project. This is only one of two downward angled shots in the short.  Kaneda is in the… Continue reading

Triple Combo

What’s this?!?!  Three posts in three days?!?!  I’m on fire!  APOLLO On Fire!  Get it? ANYWAY, yesterday was quite productive on the Akira short front.  In addition to yesterday’s post, in which I… Continue reading

And On To The Next…

Whoah, weird.  Posting two days in a row?  Must be a weekend… By some freak accident I ended up with enough time this morning to hunker down and finish background 3.  It may… Continue reading

Bikes In Context

So I was finally able to sit down today and illustrate the bike in the third background for my Akira short film.  After over a month or two of being stuck visually on… Continue reading

Getting Back In Touch

Hello Blogonet (or other ironic combinations of web-related terminology).  It’s been a ridiculously crazy two weeks since last we spoke, so let me attempt to fill you in. The New Job (caps) is… Continue reading

East Coastin’

I’ve been saving all of my news for when I was done with my draw challenges.  I wanted more focus to be on the artwork than on my talking, and while I did… Continue reading

End of an Age

After many conversations with my roommate about art, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m stopping the draw challenge.  Flat out quitting.  I have some reasons, and I can do it without guilt.… Continue reading

27: Something With Sentiment

You can tell how little I cared about doing the draw challenge today.  So many of the posts I’ve done since this thing started have been things with sentimental value, it seemed pointless… Continue reading

26: An Instrument

In the interest of varying up the subject matter of my postings, I decided against doing a post about drums, because I posted one on the previous draw challenge.  Even though looking back… Continue reading