25: Best Friend

The PreAnimator is one of my best friends. We’ve been pretty much inseparable since we met our first year of college, and its been a blast ever since. Working together, growing as artists… Continue reading

24: Collage

Okay, so here’s the skinny: I was just without internet for a good week or so do to some faulty wiring in the house.  I was making all of those posts from my… Continue reading

23: Actor/Actress

I think that Eddie Izzard may be the funniest man on the planet. I’ve listened to and watched a lot of standup comedians over the years, and only Eddie can keep me watching… Continue reading

22: Favorite Cartoon Character

I don’t enjoy prompts like these. “Favorite this, favorite that”. Its practically begging you to draw fan art, which I’m not a big fan of. I’ve seen some REALLY good fan art. Some… Continue reading

21: Guilty Pleasure

What’s this? An update in the morning? And a digital one, no less? Someone must not have the morning shift. There aren’t many things that I consider a guilty pleasure. I have no… Continue reading

20: Dream Job

I believe the illustration says it all: I want to be an Animation Cowboy. I’ve been spending very little time on my draw challenges lately. Other, far more important endeavors have been at… Continue reading

19: A Sea Creature

Did today with a pen and ink, then scanned it in. This is the first time in a long while that I’ve done a mixed media piece, but I think it turned out… Continue reading

18: A Monster

Today’s theme was originally “ZOMBIES”, but as I said at the time, I really REALLY hate Zombies.  At one point in my life I may have found them cool, but in the past… Continue reading

17: A Delicious Food

Today was another day where I didn’t have a lot (or any) time to sit in front of my computer. I’ve been working on more important projects than draw challenges this past week.… Continue reading

15: A Dinosaur

Sorry for the late post today.  I spent most of the morning working on Pearls, and then day job happened.  More news on Pearls soon, I’m waiting until I’m 100% sure before I… Continue reading