**A Note About IPDemons Work**
Most all of the content I produced during my tenure at Intellectual Property Demonstratives was created under strict confidentiality agreements (as it was developed as part of legal proceedings), and as a result I am not legally permitted to display any of it here.  For samples of the sorts of content we made, please view the company portfolio HERE.  A sample video of a case that I lead and produced video for is available from me via written request.


Happier Times (2015)
Storyboard artist

Akira (2014)
Storyboard artist

Original Storyboard Reel

For A Few Cents Less” (In Production)
Storyboard Artist


Pearls (2011)
Director / Writer / Animator
Winner – Big Screen XV Film Festival
Finalist – Chicago Film Critics Association: 2013 Emerging Filmmaker Awards


Haven” (2011)
2D Animation Supervisor / Storyboard Artist
Finalist – Chicago Film Critics Association: 2013 Emerging Filmmaker Awards

Leila” (2011)